Jumping In

Today I realize how important it is to involve other authors in the beginning stages of my self-publishing journey.  I was going to only blog about my book and how to market my book but I thought – that would be silly.  Why not start at the VERY beginning.  That way you all can see the trials and tribulations I encounter with preparing the manuscript, doing my cover, copyright, LOC, uploading to POD, printing, distribution, eBooks….the list goes on and on.  Boy it is overwhelming.  I find myself constantly thinking about everything I need to do and the order I need to do them.

The first thing to think about obviously is what are you going to write about and who is going to want to read it?  Well, I was a little lucky because my audience was right in front of my face the whole time.  I went out and asked all my authors what their best piece of advice or selling tip would be for a new author.  I received a great response from my authors and they were so supportive.  So I poured over many of these responses and picked 60 for the first volume.  The next blog will be about putting together my manuscript and dealing with Microsoft Word…Ugh.





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7 responses to “Jumping In

  1. I’m looking forward to reading about your journey as a self-published author. I’m in the process of getting my first novel ready for POD, namely, reading each chapter aloud. Egad, I am finding piddly, but plentiful things that need fixing. Plus, it is tedious and thirst producing. It will be worth it, I’m sure.

  2. Good Morning Jill, I am a member of the O’Fallon Writers’ Guild, I am currently in the process of getting my first book self-published and what a learning experience it is!! It is hard to ask questions, when you don’t know what questions “need” to be asked. But I am learning as I go. I am hoping to have my book in my hands by mid July, however I have been changing that date now, for over four months! I look forward to your book, and to meeting you at our workshop in September.

    • I totally understand where you are coming from. I would be happy to help! Be sure and follow my blog so you can see my process. I will be going over a lot of information and questions that I get most often. I think the blogs will be very useful to others self publishing. See you soon!

  3. Jill, well done. Count me in.

  4. Gayle

    I, too, am considering my first real publication. I have a couple REAL self published ( I printed bound and sold them!) for local distribution, but now want to jump off the cliff. Just started my blog, too, so hoping it all grows, hand in hand. First will be a collection of about 15 award-winning short stories that I have on hand. Have had them ‘shelved for a whil, but figure I may as well get some more mileage out of them. Will be wat ching your blog with bated breath!

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