Word on the Street with Monica Hudson

Through my years in publishing, I have worked with some really great authors.  All of these authors approach self publishing with their own agenda and expertise.   Since the whole point of my blog and book is to look at the reality of self-publishing, I thought it would be nice to do a series of author interviews.  Welcome to ‘Word on the Street’.

My author interviews will consist of 6 questions about them, their book and their experience.  You will get the good, the bad and the ugly.  It is interesting to read the varying responses from each unique author.

Monica Hudson has a radio commercial and banner on www.praiseradio1.webs.com with Jerry Silversand podcast with www.writersinthesky.com.  They have a blog/newsletter and podcast that you can find on their site about Monica’s new book, “Over There: Raindrops of Reflection and her journey as an author/publisher. She will also be in Shabbach Magazine for the Winter Publication 2013 and all of 2014.

Monica Hudson is working towards various reviews from Dennis Moore who is with the East County Magazine and has also been invited to do a guest spot on their radio show East County Magazine Live to discuss her new book.  She is a contributing writer for the online magazine ‘The Cofield Report’ and has accepted a membership with the AR Pen Women.  Monica is currently traveling on a book tour.

Monica Hudson Image 2

Real Answer Real Authors: Why did you decide to publish?

Monica:  I have always had a passion for journalism ever since I saw Barbara Walters as a teenager. As a adult, writing became a calling into a vision to serve others through books.

RARA: What titles have you published to date?

Monica:  The Bride and The Bridegroom: A Spiritual Romance, Changed: In the Heat of The Fire, and the upcoming book launching in early Sept….Over There: Raindrops of Reflection all of these books are part of a series called, “Sleeper Awake!”

Monica Hudson Cover

RARA: How are you currently marketing your book and what has given you the best results?

Monica:  My website acts as the motor that drives everything else around it, from platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Goodreads. The internet is full of information to market your books and company from literary magazines, radio commercials, blog talk radio, writing news, newsletters, having a blog page and book trailers are absolutely fun and entertaining to showcase your work to the public.

RARA: Are there any books or websites that you have found the most useful?

Monica:  Yes. The Self-Publishing  Manuel by Dan Poynter, The Well-Fed Writer by Peter Bowerman, Creating Multiple Streams of Income with Information Products by Antonio Crawford, Pam Perry (marketingministriessolutions.com,www.EzineArticle.com.

RARA: What has been your greatest challenge in self publishing?

Monica:  Balance. It’s not as easy as it looks – editing, layouts, design, marketing and distribution can take away from family and even friends so give yourself some space.

RARA: What is the best advice or tip you can give a new and aspiring author?

Monica:  Vision. Create right from the start a vision for your customers of your company, brand and reading. Make yourself stand out and make yourself available to your readers.



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